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Members of the Permits Business and Monitoring Committee as per amendments brought to the Local Government Act through the Finance (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2016

1 Mr LUCHMUN Rajiv Kumar Chairperson              OR

District Council

Mr. SOLA Khousraj, Vice Chairperson of the Council Chairperson
2 Mr. SEENEEVASSEN Narainsamy Councillor Member
3 Mr. BOYRAGEE Kailashsing Councillor Member
4 Mr. CUNDAPEN Mardaymootoo Councillor Member
5 Mr. GEOFFROY Louis Mario Councillor Member
6 Mrs. COONJAN JUGROOP Subhowantee Chief Executive Member – *
7 Mr. KOONJUL Dharam Head Land Use Planning Department Member – *
8 Mr. CHADEE Mahattam Sharma Civil Engineer Member – *
9 Mr. SURNAM Gowtum Singh Principal Health Inspector Member – *

*-Section 115(3)(d)(ii)(1A) of the Local Government Act stipulates that “where any person referred to is unable to attend a meeting of the Committee, he shall designate a senior officer to be his alternate representative at the meeting, with authority to act as required