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The Land Use & Planning Department is headed by the Head, Land Use & Planning Department (HLUPD).

Key functions:

  1. Process applications for Building and land Use Permits within the legal time frame
  2. Monitor Development
  3. Attend promptly to complaints
  4. Take legal action against unlawful development.

Main Legislative Framework:

  1. Local Government Act 2011
  2. Town and Country Planning Act 1954
  3. Planning and Development Act 2004
  4. Building Control Act 2012
  5. Environment Protection Act 2002


  1. Ensure that 100% applications are determined within legal time frame
  2. Ensure that all development are carried out as per approved plans.
  3. Protecting the Environment Sensitive Areas and also the Coastal zone against climate change issues and unlawful development.
  4. Provide accurate information on National Interest projects such as smart cities and Property Development Scheme.
  5. Encouraging the District Council of Savanne Residents to be law abiding citizens when it comes to development.