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The Public Health Department has the overall responsibility to maintain a salubrious environment within its administrative area. This achieved inter alia through an effective & efficient refuse collection service, cleaning of public places, drains, barelands, cans and rivers, roadside weeding and rodent control. This department is under the responsibility of the Chief Health Inspector. It comprises the following sections: markets; Refuse collection service; cemeteries and trade fee.

Trade Licence

  1. The control of premises used for commercial, industrial, professional and other related activities.
  2. The licensing, regulation and the control of the conduct of business activities other than those regulated by other licensing authorities, within its administrative area


This is an in-house service available in 17 villages within the Council’s jurisdiction. Currently, a fleet of 11 lorries together with a Bell Loader, is available to cater for such services. Scavenging is performed on a weekly basis while commercial zones receive it twice a week.


There are 6 cemeteries and 12 cremation grounds within the Council’s administrative area.

Markets and Fairs

The Council operates 5 markets and 5 fairs within its jurisdiction.