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  • Email: dcsavanne@mail.la.govmu.org
The District Council of Savanne
To serve the district and its communities through high quality service with integrity


Members of the Permits Business and Monitoring Committee

as per amendments brought to the Local Government Act

through the Finance (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2016

1 Mr LUCHMUN Rajiv Kumar Chairperson              OR

District Council

Mr. SOLA Khousraj, Vice Chairperson of the Council Chairperson
2 Mr. SEENEEVASSEN Narainsamy Councillor Member
3 Mr. BOYRAGEE Kailashsing Councillor Member
4 Mr. CUNDAPEN Mardaymootoo Councillor Member
5 Mr. GEOFFROY Louis Mario Councillor Member
6 Mrs. COONJAN JUGROOP Subhowantee Chief Executive Member – *
7 Mr. KOONJUL Dharam Head Land Use Planning Department Member – *
8 Mr. CHADEE Mahattam Sharma Civil Engineer Member – *
9 Mr. SURNAM Gowtum Singh Principal Health Inspector Member – *

– *-Section 115(3)(d)(ii)(1A) of the Local Government Act stipulates that “where any person referred to is unable to attend a meeting of the Committee, he shall designate a senior officer to be his alternate representative at the meeting, with authority to act as required